Our Core Services


INFRASTRUCTURE  (Hardware and Software)

We supply and support world class Hardware and Software solutions, with guaranteed levels of support.

Hardware and Software Evaluation, Selection and Procurement

Helping you select the best Hardware and Software to meet the specific requirements of your business.

Hardware and Peripheral Sales and Support

Source and supply of all your infrastructure needs – servers, PCs/laptops, printers, internet, wireless networks, mobile users, security cameras, phone systems etc.

Packaged Software Sales, Installation and Support

We can source and supply all your software needs – Accounting, Payroll, Microsoft (Office etc), Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, CAD, etc

You choose the level of support you need for your business. Chose “Value” support for non critical systems, “Business” to share the cost, or “Professional” for speedy response and to take the worry out unexpected bills.

Fixed price, monthly, or as required support options available.


KANTAN and KanPrint - Managed Print Solutions

Whereby we manage your printing consumable supplies and invoice you on an as use basis or fixed monthly fee.



Critical Data Recovery Plans

With most modern business now completely reliant on IT, when your server is down, your entire business is either not working or not working to capacity.

IT Trends have 3 Disaster Recovery solutions for Businesses that need a speedy return to “business as usual” after a server disaster, with minimal data loss (as little as 15 minutes), in less than 1 day.

Having a good Disaster Recovery Plan and Solution could save you considerably in time, money and reputation. In some instances it could save your business.



Online Backup

We take the chore and worry out of your backup. Our Online Backup Solution, designed for any size businesses looking for consistent, reliable and offsite backup, with generational management and disaster recovery coverage.

With our system we are able to improve your backup reliability percentage to almost 100%, and we are able to have your critical data captured more than once daily, thereby reducing the amount of lost information and cost to regenerate this data. Additionally, we don’t miss files that are “In Use”.



FlatLineIT Solutions

FlatLineIT is a combined hardware, software and support solution for all your IT equipment, that gives you the stability of a fixed cost per month, without spending more than you would if you were supported as required.



Telecommunications Solutions

IT Trends have partnered with Digital Island so we are now able to assist our clients with the sourcing, supply and support of your landlines, cell phone, broadband and all Telecommunications requirements.




Free Computer

Disaster Recovery

Online Backup

HP Elite Desk 800 PC

HP Probook 600 Series Notebook

Logitech M950 Mouse


Additional Services

Computer Systems Consultancy

Selection of your IT systems, even if you don’t purchase them from us. RFPs (Requests for Proposals), evaluating responses to RFPs, selecting IT suppliers and designing systems to meet the specific requirements of your business.

Business Consultancy and Analysis

Helping you with your business

Project Management

Managing IT or other projects you are running.

Systems Analysis and Design

Analysis and design of systems, both software and procedural.

Software Development

Writing software to meet the specific needs of your business.

Systems Installation and User Training

Install of new systems for your business. Training you and your staff in what to do and in understanding how it all works and what to do when.

Facilities Management

Where we look after everything IT for your business.

Financial Modeling using Excel

Creating Microsoft Excel worksheets to assist with your business or business proposal –  Budget worksheets, Quoting, Financial Forecast Models for Business proposals.


Accessories Supplies

All the other little things that you need to keep your business functioning well – printer inks and ribbons, laser toner and drums, CDs, DVDs, Digital Cameras, Mmmory cards and pen drives etc