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For businesses looking for consistent, reliable and offsite backup, with generational management and disaster recovery coverage.

"On more than one occasion this backup solution has saved us substantial rework, it is the best bit of technology we have implemented in the last 10 years".

Mr Barry McMeeken - Finance Director .


What would happen if your server failed and you needed to restore your data from your last backup. How confident are you that ALL your data was captured by that backup and that you can restore it without the loss of ANY data? How long has it been since you did a backup? Can you easily recreate all data that has been lost since the backup was taken?

IT Trends have created two cost effective Online Backup Solutions, with the added security of Disaster Recovery.

Our Online Backup Solutions give you superior data loss prevention, by enabling you to have backups undertaken during the day (without interruption to business) along with daily offsite, and the ability to easily go back to the files created in the last 12 months or longer.


We are responsible

Who is taking responsibility for the reliability and accuracy of your current backup solution?

Is the backup checked after each time it is run to ensure that it has completed successfully? If not what happens? If you are unable to restore any files from backup, who is responsible? Who pays for the cost to recreate your valuable lost data?

With IT Trend’s Online Backup solution we take complete responsibility for the reliability and accuracy of your backup. If your valuable data is not available to you from any backup we have taken, or should have taken, we have insurance cover of $50,000 to mitigate any costs associated with recreating the lost data from a our backup failure.

Advantages of IT Trends Online Backup Solutions

There are numerous advantages of our solution when comparing with others, the essential differences are:-

  • Ability to restore from backups that go back months/years – useful in a forensic situation
  • Ability to restore entire configuration – not just data – to different hardware
  • Ability to restore files or the entire configuration without having to copy Gb of information over the internet.
  • Backup data in 3 physical locations – onsite, offsite and offsite of offsite
  • New Zealand owned with all servers and services located in New Zealand
  • $50,000 Insurance cover to mitigate cost to recreate any lost data where we have been negligent

Case Study – Online Backup on the case

We recently had our Online Backup client needing to restore deleted emails from nearly 4 months previous, which had become critical supporting evidence in a court case.

Fortunately they were using our Online Backup.

Although we only guarantee to keep the last 30 days backups offsite on our server we did have the last 384 complete backups (15 months) still available on our server. Additionally they had a complete copy of these files saved on a Local USB Disk at their office.

With this number of days to choose from we were easily able to retrieve the missing emails for them.

"Our ability to be able to restore the deleted emails was a significant addition to evidence needed in a court case.
We are very thankful we had IT Trends’s Online Backup Solution, as none of our previous backup solutions would have enabled us to retrieve this valuable information".


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

But we can do our own Backups and Restores already?

What does it cost your business to purchase a backup device and media, change the backup media (tape, disk), check that it is working and if it's not working contact someone to have it checked and fixed, clean the tape drive and rotate the offsite backups?

How reliable is your backup, especially when the person responsible for managing it is away? Statistics are such that most backups are only 80% reliable, and they are done only once per day, if that.

With our system we are able to improve your backup reliability percentage to almost 100%, and we are able to have your critical data captured more than once daily, thereby reducing the amount of lost information, and cost to regenerate this data, when you need to restore, and we don't miss files that are "In Use".

Because we only take "the bits that change", not all your data, the time it takes to do a backup is very quick e.g. 500 Gb of "data" can be backed up in less than 5 minutes.

Additionally, you never need to buy another tape drive or backup device, backup software or media again.

Why are other Online Backup Companies cheaper?

Because you are only backing up your data and not your programs and settings.

In the event of a disaster, our solution gives you the ability to restore your entire server – data, programs and settings, so that you can be back to "business as usual" quicker.

Additionally, if you are to undertake backups during the day you will need to purchase more storage, which will cost more. We do not charge for this facility.

We do not require you to download your data across your internet connection as we have a local copy as well.

We also have a DATA only option, at a very compeitive price.

Why have a local copy as well?

In the event of you needing a restore your internet plan may not be large enough and go back to dial-up speed, meaning it could take days to restore your data, or you could be charged for excess usage.

We keep a local copy of all your backups on site (with nightly backup off site) so we don't need the internet for a restore.

With you having my data, is it secure?

ABSOLTELY, it is VERY secure. There are 5 levels of security that would need to be compromised before anyone would have access to your data, so it is substantially more secure than it is when residing on your existing PC, laptop or server. You are welcome to ask for details.

What they don't tell you

How many Gb of "Data" are you storing with them? How long would it take to "download" that amount of data, if you needed to restore it? - Depending on the speed of the link, the amount of data to be restored and the size of your Internet Plan, it its possible that it could take several days for you to restore all your data.

Where is your data being stored? - Once your valuable data is sent to "the cloud" you have no idea where it is actually stored, it can be anywhere in the world and then who has access to your data.

Who are they? – These online "cloud" companies that you can only deal with via email could be anybody up to anything. You know us, know where we are located and can visit or contact us at any time.

Additional Terms and Conditions

  • Term is 36 months, early termination charges may apply.
  • Terms and conditions subject to change without notice.


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